Cutting Edge Energy Data Management

Energy data management is a discipline of computer science. The increasing networking in business (industry 4.0 & amp; smart grids) and the progressive movement of the Internet of Things (IoT) cause more and more energy data to become available (Big Data).

In fact, energy data management can be regarded as a special application of the Internet of Things. Enerchart isn’t limited to pure energy data; the system can be used to monitor almost any data (environmental data, commercial numbers, production figures, IT system monitoring, etc).

In addition to the readings from classic (networked) energy meters, energy data from an energy management system in the future will increasingly include universal data sources (e.g. OPC UA, SNMP, BACnet, SQL, Web Services, etc.) Even  the non-energy data, such as environmental data or production data for the indicators calculation (ENPI) will be taken into account. The developers of enerchart aspire to bring these trends to energy data management.