After already two updates we would like to inform you about the most important new features. Already with version 1.26 you can now import and edit annual calendars in addition to the weekly plans. For example, holidays, holidays and other seasonal peculiarities can be specifically monitored and evaluated with this feature – a feature that should not only be of great interest to municipalities. A total of 75 improvements and new features have been added to this version.

In the current version 1.26 numerous improvements for the dashboards have been introduced. These in turn can now also be displayed within the slide shows. New, useful functions have also been added for scatter and carpet plots. A further highlight of this version is the CSV import – here the already very flexible import function can now also assign the imported lines to measuring points depending on identifiers, i.e. a measured value can now also bring the information to which measuring point the value is to be assigned. Furthermore, it is now possible to transpose the entire table. More than 116 new improvements have been incorporated into this release.