Available extensions

The smartphone app for meter readings for all current Android operating systems is a useful helper for reading meters. This identifies the counter readings, stores them temporarily and automatically transfers them to the enerchart server at the next opportunity. Each user can log on his own device to the system. Particularly worth mentioning is the practical integration into the overall system. For example, a route specified by the energy manager directs the app user to all meters read, whereby special cases (route changes) are also taken into account in the system. Conversely, the App user (e. g. Facility Manager) can use the App App to submit counters that have not yet been entered for inclusion in the system. The smartphone app is therefore a fully integrated tool for carrying out proven processes.

secombo is a simple VPN security appliance that can securely network (not only) enerhart components with each other. secombo guarantees the security and integrity of all transmitted data when connecting locations via energy chart intermediaries or, for example, when integrating remote Modbus TCP devices. For these purposes, secombo is integrated in enerchart as a standard extension. However, the system can also be used for any other usage scenarios. Visit www.secombo.com for more information.

Since version 1.23. a multilevel client capability is integrated in enerchart. The cloud version can now depict typical energy consultant-customer relationships, the enterprise version of enerchart offers the user a practically arbitrarily nested hierarchy of client relationships.

Future Extensions

  • A standard module for energy cost accounting and control. Based on measured consumption values, defined tariffs and integrated customer data, a complete billing system can be set up (in progress).
  • A link to energyparbericht. de, in order to store the reports created there automatically with actual measured values. (in progress)
  • An extension of the documentation for the PDCA cycle of ISO 50001 is intended to support the energy officer or energy manager in the sustainability of his management system. (in planning)
  • Extended meter management complements the previous measuring instrument catalogue with the planning of calibration and maintenance intervals and offers a broad data base of devices available on the market. (in planning)
  • The continuous expansion of enerchart includes a constantly growing number of device drivers, IoT cloud services and other interfaces.