License Information

The following table provides an overview of the services that belong to a license.

License one-off purchase
Maintenance & support included (premium level optional)
Updates optionally available
Hosting optionally available
Installation delivery as virtual machine (VMware or Hyper-V), installation on-premise or in a (private) cloud
Multi-client capability multi-level
Amount of users unlimited
Multilingualism yes
Networked meters integration/Data logger yes
Android-App for meter reading yes
OPC UA integration yes
Modbus TCP integration yes
IoT Clouds integration yes
Integrated VPN via secombo any number of connections optional
FTP-Server for measurement data exchange integrated FTP server
Data preservation time freely definable
Catalogue of measuring devices yes
Live data yes
LDAP integration yes
User roles freely definable
Administrative system monitoring yes
Customizable backup yes
OEM version possible yes
Individual modules possible yes

* practically unlimited, technically limited to protect against misuse.