Since February 7th, the newest enerchart release (version 1.24) is available on the update servers. Enterprise customers can update themselves using the appropriate update function. This release has been available on enerchart Cloud for several weeks now.

The update brings with it a number of attractive new features: the revised layout and the new (reducible) menu stand out. The newly introduced dashboards bring a big plus in terms of utility value: The 3 x 2 grid of the personal start page has been replaced by an arbitrary number of freely configurable dashboards. By flexible placement of chart previews, characteristic values, text, graphics and various interactive embeddings, parts of the company, process areas and (partial) energy balances can now be visualized exactly as the requirements dictate. The dashboards adapt to your business, not the other way around.

Also new are the first assistants that take into account the growing complexity of the application. This allows you to quickly reach your first success experiences without having to completely overlook enerchart from the beginning.

In addition to these new features, hundreds of improvements have been introduced to enhance user-friendliness, speed and connectivity (e. g. Loriot IoT Cloud). Herewith we do not only live up to the premium claim – with our favourable SaaS offer “enerchart Cloud” we open up the world of professional energy management also for smaller companies and consulting offices.